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Friday, February 1, 2013

As we are entering the colder months I have begun to incorporate warming herbs and spices such as ginger root into my daily routines and massage practice.

Ginger can be used externally to help stimulate the circulatory system and warm our extremities. Infused ginger oil is wonderfully warming on stiff joints due to arthritis, dryness and general wear and tear. The oil can help bring relief to sore and aching muscles, while helping to lower inflammation in the joints. It is also beneficial in helping to ease cramps and to lessen stagnation in the lymphatic system.

Ginger used internally is also warming and stimulating to the circulatory and lymphatic system. We like to use it in conjunction with the ginger oil for aching joint pain, menstrual cramps and lower back aches. Ginger is also stimulating to the immune system and makes a great addition to any meal.

I tried making this latest batch of ginger oil by using a large fresh ginger root chopped up, a crock pot and 3 cups of Jojoba Oil.  I placed the crock pot on its lowest setting with the lid set half on the pot, so the water from the fresh root had a way to evaporate.  I did this for at least 24 hours and maybe a little longer.  My house smelled amazing and I actually strained off the ginger and then put the oil back in the crock with more fresh ginger an let this heat for another 24 hours.  

I highly recommend using sesame oil instead of jojoba oil if you easily get cold, especially in these winter months, but any oil will do.

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